The Nordic School

Commissioned education about the opportunities and challenges facing the Nordic model.


The Nordic School in brief

The course is commissioned at the request of SAMAK, the Co-operation Committee of the Nordic Social Democratic parties and trade union LOs, and is targeted at leaders at the regional and central level who are or will potentially be strategically placed in their member organisations.  Participants are expected to apply their knowledge actively in their own organisations and contribute to spreading knowledge and understanding of the Nordic model and the challenges it is facing. Upon completion of the course, participants become part of the Nordic School’s alumni network.

All SAMAK member organisations can register participants for the Nordic School. In addition to these, places in the Nordic School are offered to the Social Democratic Group in the Nordic Council and the member organisations of ABF Norden and related think tanks.

  • Learn more about the Nordic model and the tools to translate this knowledge into practical politics.
  • Participate in pan-Nordic training with participants from all the Nordic countries who are active in the trade union movement at the regional or national level.
  • Become part of the Nordic School’s alumni network after the course is completed in order to further broaden your knowledge and your network.

    Upcoming courses and application deadline:

    The Nordic School 2023/2024: 8-10 November in Finland, digital meeting December 2023 and meeting in Denmark spring 2024

    Course managers 2023/2024

    Principal: Stefan Svensson (
    Teacher: Reijo Paananen (
    Administrator: Karin Bender (


    The participants will be immersing themselves in the Nordic model by taking part in current research through interviews with participants from other Nordic countries and leaders from the Nordic labour movement and by devoting themselves to focused work. The participants are expected to be involved in training material and to put effort into cross-national basic groups before, during and between sessions.

    The course is based on the NordMod 2030 research project which was carried out at SAMAK’s initiative. The project includes basic, country and final reports as well as thematic reports about creating to share – and sharing to create, the future financing of the welfare model and sustainability, decent work – the future of the agreement-based labour market model, inclusion and integration challenges and democracy and participation. The premise is that the labour movement must provide the best responses to the challenges facing the Nordic model. The course is also linked to SAMAK’s development themes.

    The working language of the course is Scandinavian and English is used as support language.